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Adele Drags Audience After They Fail At Beyoncé's 'Mute Challenge'

The singer hilariously called out her Las Vegas residency audience after their attempt at the viral challenge 'failed miserably.'

Adele; Beyoncé
Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Adele, Kevin Mazur/WireImage for Parkwood

British singer/songwriter Adele hilariously reprimanded fans at one of her Las Vegas residency performances after they failed to replicate Beyoncé's viral "mute challenge."

Queen Bey's "mute challenge" is a brief silent pause—generally contradictory for audience participation!—that takes place at her shows during her ongoing Renaissance World Tour.

It happens during the song "Energy" from Bey's seventh studio album, Renaissance, which was released last year.

When she sings the line, "Look around, everyone on mute," the audience is prompted to keep quiet until the Queen has spoken.

Clips of the challenge are frequently posted with every stop on her tour.

It's a big deal.

However, not every performance succeeds in the challenge, which is inevitable considering the tens of thousands of fans—some inebriated—attending her sold-out shows.

Warning: NSFW language.

But overall, Bey fans respect going on mute for Her Majesty when she instructs her loyal subjects to do so.

"Rumour Has It" that Adele is a huge fan of Queen Bey and is very much aware of the challenge.

So, it wasn't surprising that she tried a spontaneous experiment testing her audience with a mute challenge of her own at a recent show.

Spoiler alert, the crowd failed miserably and was hilariously scolded by Adele.

"You f'king failed miserably, have you not been watching the videos?" she asked concertgoers, adding:

"I get sent them daily, when she sings 'everybody on mute' you have to be f'king quiet!"

The Grammy-winning "Rolling in the Deep" singer cited Atlanta as an example of what she wasn't hoping for at her show.

"Atlanta failed miserably, there was a video I got sent this morning, and when she said 'everybody on mute,' they were like 'wooooo!'"

Clips of her throwing shade at her fans have gone viral.

People were howling, and some suggested the bigger challenge was trying to mimic the Queen.

But it's all "Water Under the Bridge" because fans love the British singer as much as she adores Queen Bey.

And people were here for the scolding she gave her fans.

At least she tried.

After all, you can't blame Adele's fans for audibly making her feel their love.