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Pro-Trump 'Dilbert' Creator Dragged For Failed Prediction That 'Republicans Will Be Hunted' If Biden Won

Pro-Trump 'Dilbert' Creator Dragged For Failed Prediction That 'Republicans Will Be Hunted' If Biden Won
Lea Suzuki/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

Scott Adams, in addition to achieving fame as the creator of the comic strip Dilbert, has spent the last few years crafting a new facet of his public image: a Trump supporter who spews misinformation on the internet.

In 2016, Adams publicly backed Trump's bid for presidency. In addition, he laid into Trump's 2016 opposer, Hillary Clinton, claiming she had stoked "violence against police, violence against Trump supporters, and death threats to bloggers such as me."

Those views apparently held firm all the way through Trump's presidency. And a year ago, on July 1, 2020, Adams tweeted an ominous warning to all Republicans.

With the Biden vs. Trump Presidential campaign in full swing at the time, Adams attempted to predict the horrors that would await members of the GOP if Biden, a Democrat, was elected in the fall.

We're just shy of halfway through Biden's first year as President. There have been no reports of Republicans being hunted and/or killed.

Instead, as RawStory pointed out, Biden has made a clear effort to work with people from across the aisle to hammer out solutions for vaccination rates, infrastructure policy, and economic relief.

The absurdity of Adams' incorrect prediction was not lost on Twitter users who saw his post from last year.

Of course, there is still time for Adams' tweet to come true.

But with absolutely zero signs of Democrat-lead Republican roundups, hunts and killings thus far, that feels rather unlikely.