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Actor Who Played 'The Unknown' In Viral Willy Wonka 'Experience' Says It's Been 'Life-Changing'

A 16-year-old actor named Felicia who went viral for playing a bizarre character called 'The Unknown' at the viral 'Willy's Chocolate Experience' in Glasgow, Scotland, has spoken out on TikTok.

Screenshots of the masked and unmasked actor playing "The Unknown" in Wonka Experience

The masked actor who played a character called "The Unknown" in the viral Willy Wonka-inspired interactive exhibit in Glasglow, Scotland revealed her identity and talked about how the reaction to the experience was "life-changing."

"The Unknown" was a cloaked figure in a reflective mask described by AI as an "evil chocolate maker who lives in the walls of the factory."

The mysterious character terrorized children at the chocolate factory-themed experience playing off the success of the Wonka movie based on Roald Dahl's 1964 children's novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Now it can be known.

It was revealed that a 16-year-old girl named Felicia was hired to play "The Unknown" and she spoke about the experience.

A photo of Felicia, pictured on the left with fellow castmates, circulated online following the Wonka exhibit debacle that was forced to shut down on February 24 after many guest complaints about the cheap experience.

In response to inquiries regarding how she got the role of the villain, who is not mentioned in Dahl's book, Felicia said she was approached by an entertainment company called House of Illuminati.

She explained in the first of several videos:

"I was originally supposed to be cast as one of the Wonkas."
"When I had first read the script, I really did not like it."

She eventually got cast in the role of The Unknown and she had no idea what was in store for her.


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In another TikTok video, Felicia shared a behind-the-scenes look at the warehouse set of the sparsely-themed experience.

At £35 a ticket, about $44.50 U.S.D., it is understandable why customers who brought their families and expected to be transported to another world felt they were robbed.

Those who were hoping to see a version of Willy Wonka's famous factory saw a few scattered props and a bouncy house.

The children were given some jelly beans and a half cup of lemonade.

Here is Felicia's backstage tour video to give you an idea of the not-so-whimsical chocolate factory.


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After many complaints from guests whose children were emotionally scarred by Felicia's terrifying character, along with many other gripes about the cheap experience, House of Illuminati apologized for the "stressful and frustrating day" and abruptly shut down the entire experience.

The company also offered 850 refunds.

In a third TikTok clip, Felicia unmasked herself, despite the already-leaked cast photo.


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TikTokers were relieved to see the adorable personality behind the mask.





Felicia said the Wonka experience was her first paid acting job.

She said she was nervous but the other "lovely" actors supported her by taking her under their wing.

On the first day of the event, Felicia said the cast was instructed to "patch the script and just improvise it."

According to the AI-generated script, the story involved the Unknown trying to steal Willy's "Anti-Graffiti Gobstopper". Her specific direction was to "act creepy."

"I tried to imagine what a man living in the walls should be like," she explained while showing guest-taken footage of her acting as directed.

The overall character interaction was met with mixed responses.

"Some people loved it. Some people hated it. Some people were left traumatized."

She added:

"Some people had no clue what was going on, including myself."

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Felicia later told BBC that although she initially had misgivings about the gig, it was an experience she could reflect on with a sense of humor.

"At first I was really embarrassed about it. But when we went to the pub after, we were just laughing about it," said the teen, adding that she had no regrets despite the negative online publicity.

"It was so ridiculous it was actually funny. And now it's become viral, it's genuinely life-changing and I'm really happy I did it."
"Everybody loves the character and posting about it, so it makes me happy that people can see the funny side."

People had high hopes for Felicia's future in acting.




We all gotta start somewhere.

Here's hoping Felicia's career will gain traction, with more rewarding gigs and recognition—without a mask.