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A New 'Girls Locker Room Vs Boys Locker Room' Meme Is The Bizarre Content We Need Right Now

Marvel Studios // @Nin_SmashBros/Twitter

A new meme comparing the boys' locker room and the girls' locker room is taking off, but not for the reason you might think.

While at first glance, the meme may seem like a tired rehash of stereotypes hinging on gender binaries (girls hate PE because they have to sweat, boys fight at the drop of a hat, etc), the meme has morphed into a parody of itself, with users sharing the most bizarre content they could find.

Some parodied hypermasculinity.

But soon, the meme took on a life of its own. Bizarre pictures with no context overtook the Twitter timeline and inexplicably made the content even more hilarious.

Not to mention...strange.

Others even turned the whole format on its head.

That's enough internet for today.