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Is 1994 'The Greatest Year In History?'

Is 1994 'The Greatest Year In History?'
Photo by Castle Rock Entertainment/Getty Images

Get out the popcorn, Twitter is debating the best year for film.

It all started with one tweet by Colin Murr, who runs the blog Colin Watches Movies. He asked what appeared to be a simple question but any movie buff can tell, this debate could rage on for years. In his tweet, Murr asked:

What do you think is the greatest year in film history, and what are your favorite movies from that year?

Murr started things off with his favorite year and best films.

Many other years came to mind, from the classics to modern day Harry Potter.

But there was one year Twitter kept coming back to — 1994

It was by no means a unanimous decision. Other years receiving a shutout included—

Let's hear it for the oldies still holding up.

But some folks enjoyed a more modern approach.

So what do you think? Is1994 the clear winner?

H/T: Twitter Moments