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Ye Says He Won't Let Kris Jenner Push His Daughters Into 'Playboy And Sex Tapes' In Now-Deleted Post

Ye Says He Won't Let Kris Jenner Push His Daughters Into 'Playboy And Sex Tapes' In Now-Deleted Post
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Ye is at it again.

After several previous incidents throughout his divorce from ex-wife Kim Kardashian, Ye is once again airing the pair's private family matters on social media. This time, his beef includes his former mother-in-law, Kris Jenner.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, Ye displayed screenshots of a text argument between he and Kardashian about their children's schooling in which he seemed to accuse Kardashian and Jenner of planning to push their daughters into doing pornography.

The texts are likely a reference to the infamous leaked sex tape that made Kardashian a household name back in 2007. See the screenshots below.

The conversation shows an argument over Kardashian's apparent desire to send their kids to the prestigious Los Angeles prep school Sierra Canyon, of which many celebrity children are alumni, including Kardashian's sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner.

The post began with what appeared to be a Notes app screenshot which read in part:

“My kids going to Donda. They not going to Sierra Canyon."

"Donda" is a reference to Donda Academy, Ye's private Christian school named after his mother.

Ye's Notes app screenshot went on to name check rapper Charlemagne the God, with whom Ye has long-standing beef, and his former mother-in-law Kris Jenner.

"Charlemagne the God and Kris... Get your motherfu*king popcorn."

Ye also shared screenshots of his texts with Kardashian, who asked Ye to stop posting their conversations. His reply seemed to accuse his ex-wife of racism in her dealings with their children.

"You don’t have say so of where the kids go to school. Why you get [say so]. Cause you half white?”

Kardashian replied with a message from her mother asking Ye to leave her out of his attacks. The message read:

“From my mom- PLEASE, Tell him to please stop mentioning my name. I’m almost 67 years old and I don’t always feel great and this stresses me to no end.”

Ye replied with more seeming accusations of racism, along with an even more serious allegation: that Jenner and Kardashian intend to push the children into the sex industry. The message read:

“Y’all don’t have [say so] over my black children and where they go to school."
"They will not do playboy and sex tapes."
"Tell your Clinton friends to come get me. I’m here.”

It's unclear what the reference to "Clinton" means, but it's likely a reference to QAnon conspiracy theories about former Democratic Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former Democratic President Bill Clinton, whom QAnon followers believe to be Satanists running a child sex trafficking ring.

Ye is an outspoken conservative and supporter of former Republican President Donald Trump, whom the QAnon movement believes is working to uncover the child trafficking of which they accuse the Clintons and many others.

In the caption of his Instagram post, Ye made more explicit accusations that Kris Jenner forced her children into appearing nude. The caption read:

“Don’t let Kris make you do playboy like she made [Kylie Jenner] and Kim do."

Ye went on in his caption to claim "Hollywood is a giant brothel," another likely reference to the QAnon movement, which claims Hollywood elites are child sex traffickers as well. He then railed against pornography and pledged to keep his children out of the industry.

"Pornography destroyed my family. I deal with the addiction. Instagram promotes it. Not gonna let it happen to Northy and Chicago."

Naturally, Ye's post raised plenty of eyebrows and left many angry.

But not everyone felt Ye was out of line for trying to protect his daughters from Kris Jenner.

Before Ye's post was deleted, rapper Ray J, Kardashian's partner in the infamous sex tape, chimed in on the controversy as well.

In his comment he seemed to share Ye's feelings about Kris Jenner being exploitative, and accused her of having "masterminded everything 4 your family, and tried to ruin mine at the same time."