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World Television Day: Best TV Shows To Binge Watch This Month

World Television Day: Best TV Shows To Binge Watch This Month

Time to celebrate for National Television Day! And what better way to celebrate this pre-thanksgiving holiday than by barricading yourself in your room and watching some new TV shows?

You don't know what to watch?! Say no more. We have got you covered. Let's start oldschool:

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

The 90s. A time when Sarah Michelle Gellar ruled the television world as the titular Buffy, who finds out that she has been chosen as "The Slayer," a girl with superhuman abilities that can stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness.

Standing at 7 seasons, it seems like a lot to swallow, but Buffy will have you addicted in no time flat. Soon you'll be invested in the Slayer and her Scooby Gang's misadventures in Sunnydale, California, to the point that you won't even remember a time before Buffy. The complete series is available on Netflix.

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Rec is such a joy to watch because you get to see how well the show evolved as it goes on. Be warned: season one is kind of a mess. But once you get past those 13 quick half-hour episodes, you'll never look back.

The world around Amy Poehler's Leslie Knope will have you simply enraptured. All of the characters have such distinct quirks, personalities, and relationships with each other that you'll keep watching just to see how they develop--not to mention that the show is one of the funniest on TV in recent years. Parks and Recreation is fully available on Netflix.

Stranger Things

We are a little worried for you if you HAVEN'T seen this yet, but we'll bear with you.

Stranger Things is interesting because it sort of plays out like an 80s teen horror movie. The episodes read like parts of a whole instead of standalone episodes, and so, it's impossible to get the full story in one sitting without bingewatching. The first season has a very clear beginning and end, and yet still leaves the door open for more questions. You'll be hanging onto every suspenseful moment of this masterfully crafted show. Stranger Things is a Netflix original and can be found in full on the website.

Bob's Burgers

Time for another half-hour comedy! Bob's Burgers follows a family of 5 led by Linda and Bob Belcher, who own and operate a burger restaurant as well as go through the trials of everyday life.

Bob's Burgers is great because it's such a low-stakes show to invest energy in. It will only make you laugh and occasionally fall in love with the characters. Each half hour is a self-contained story in which the larger-than-life personalities of the kids and the parents come to a head with each other. No character is boring, every storyline is zany, and there will be so many little quips and one-liners you remember for the rest of your life. And while the show is marketed as an adult sitcom, the humor is gentle. Bob's Burgers is available in full on Hulu.

The Good Place

NBC's The Good Place tells the story of a woman who finds herself in the wrong area of the afterlife.

Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) wakes up in the afterlife where Michael (Ted Danson) introduces her to "The Good Place," or, an afterlife utopia designed for those who were at their best in life. Eleanor quickly realizes that she was sent there by mistake and tries to hide her imperfect behavior from the other inhabitants of "The Good Place."

The show is wonderful in that it explores the major pitfalls of what makes us uniquely human. You'll be laughing, crying, scared, your heart will be warmed; to binge The Good Place is truly to take a journey. And just you wait til the end of that first season. The Good Place is available on Netflix.


Happy National Television Day! These five shows should be enough to get you started on your new bingeing life. Happy watching!


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