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Woman Chastises Mom For Letting Her Kids Drive Toy Car Around Park Without A 'Driver's License' In Surreal Video


There are times where 2020 feels like the ultimate 'Karen' year. Karens in their final forms are coming out of the woodwork to yell at people and their children, or to call the police on Black men who are birdwatching.

This Karen showed up to yell about three little kids in a toy car who were playing, because they "don't have a license."

Karen approached an unseen camera operator to complain:

"These kids are driving all over the place."

The camera operator, laughing slightly, says:

"They're playing. That's what the park is for."

The woman, previously referred to as Karen, responds:

"I never saw a car in here before."

Again, the camera operator explains:

"It's a Power Wheels car, ma'am. It's a toy."

She then said the children were driving their toy car "without a license."

The camera operator audibly laughs, before saying:

"It's not a real car!"

Netizens are noting that people will complain about literally anything to be angry.

And what if she'd seen the kids playing with Fisher Price Doctor toys?

Though surreal, at least the camera operator got a laugh.