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TikToker Mom Explains How She Gave Birth While Sleeping—And Had No Clue Until She Woke Up

TikToker Mom Explains How She Gave Birth While Sleeping—And Had No Clue Until She Woke Up

Giving birth is one of the most intense experiences that a human being can go through.

A new mother ends the months she spent fueling another, tiny human being. Hormones rage, muscles behave in all sorts of novel ways, and it all culminates in a brand new life.

For many, it's the most profound event in their life.

That is, unless the person giving birth managed to miss the whole thing.

In a recent viral video, TikToker amyedunbar explained exactly how that's even possible.

As she shared in the selfie clip, Dunbar's big surprise came thanks to two main factors—an epidural and an allegedly unobservant nurse.

"So I had been in labour for about 12 hours and they did the epidural. We figured out very quickly that it wasn't working, so they did whatever it is that they do to make it work."
"At some point during me being asleep the nurse who had been monitoring me the whole time turned to my mum and was like, 'Is she asleep'. My mum was like, 'Yeah, she is.' "
"The nurse was like, 'Hey, great, there was a really big contraction and she's sleeping, so that means the epidural is working because she didn't feel it.' "
Dunbar continued, explaining the nurse woke her up to let her know she'd lost the baby's heartbeat on the monitor.Then a discovery was made.
"Doing as I was told, I started moving the blanket and turning over and I was like, 'there was something going on.' "
"My baby was in the bed. She delivered herself while I was asleep. The big contraction the nurse saw was her being born."

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People were stunned to hear Dunbar's unusual birth story.

They imagined what the baby must have been thinking.


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Others shared some honesty.

They wished the same birth experience wasn't quite so rare.

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But as Dunbar went on to explain in a follow up video, the scene didn't stay chill for very long.

Once her baby was out, a whole lot of activity erupted.

"All of a sudden just so many doctors and nurses just flooded the room."
"She wasn't crying, so of course I'm freaking out like 'why isn't she crying?' and her dad, who I was with at the time, wasn't there, so I was also freaking out because of that."

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Fortunately, as Dunbar's replies in the comments sections of her videos confirmed, her baby girl was completely healthy and has remained as independent as she was on day one.

We wish them both all the best.