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Woman Rediscovers Her List Of 'Do's And Don't's For 5th Grade'—And It's An Instant Classic


If you were to go through your old childhood room, what treasures do you think you would find?

One Twitter user found her very detailed "Do's And Don'ts For 5th Grade" list tucked away and shared it for all of posterity on Twitter.

It is simply amazing.

The list contains some sound advice. For example, #1 on the list: "Do not try out for anything you don't want to do, even though your friends want you to."

And some really great advice for people who need a wardrobe upgrade, #5: "Improve your wardrobe. Wear more sparkles & glitter. More attitude shirts."

Though Jamie Loftus, the user who wrote the note, did write a bit of a problematic sentence about substitute teachers when she suggested to not "give them the time of day."

Ironically, Loftus wrote that she grew up to be a substitute teacher.

Loftus inspired a few other people to share the lists that they created for themselves before the start of the school year:

For those of us lucky enough to be starting school years in the fall, let's read over this note and decide truly what advice we can still take. More glitter is always great. So is more attitude.

And, of course, don't be afraid to talk to boys. Speak up!