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Woman Ends 14-Year Marriage For 'Soulmate' Only To Be Rejected By Him—And Twitter Is Mortified

Woman Ends 14-Year Marriage For 'Soulmate' Only To Be Rejected By Him—And Twitter Is Mortified
Witthaya Prasongsin/GettyImages; @LEBassett/Twitter

A month after running into her "soulmate" at a conference, a woman decided to end her 14-year marriage to her husband.

Unfortunately for her, it didn't pan out the way she had hoped.

The Sydney Morning Herald featured an excerpt from Amanda Trenfield's memoir and titled the article, Less than a month after I met my soulmate, I ended my 14-year marriage.

Despite the spoiler alert headline, there was a plot twist readers would never see coming were it not for the publication's convenient withholding of the book's title until the end of the article.

Trenfield recounted attending a three-day conference with her husband at which she immediately locked eyes with Jason–a man she had met twelve years ago. "I hadn't forgotten," she wrote.

If he made enough of an impression on her then, their encounter this time around would empower her to make a life-changing decision.

"As I settled into my seat, I looked up and immediately lost my breath," she said of the moment she saw Jason. "When our eyes met there was an instant familiarity that ran deeper than water-cooler chat."

She and Jason continued interacting throughout the evening, and every time their eyes connected from across the room, her body was energized.

It was evident to her that the intense chemistry between them was palpable.

"The electricity between us was strong and raw. It travelled to my core."
"It was so intense I needed to break eye contact. He. We. The energy. It was electric. My body was completely charged. I was completely 'on.'"

She even stayed out late at the bar with him–which was uncharacteristic of her "early-to-bed, early-to-rise" tendencies.

And she just knew with every fiber of her being that they were destined to be together.

"I now know without hesitation, without question, without any doubt in my mind, my body or my heart, that the energy we experienced that evening was our souls connecting."

She said she returned home a changed woman after her interaction with Jason and said she couldn't fathom how to "resume a normal life" as a mother and wife with a full-time career in finances.

However, what she came to realize was "the successful, comfortable and somewhat predictable life I had spent 20 years building was now of no consequence. I simply didn’t care."

"I’d just met my soulmate. What could possibly be more important than that?" she wrote.

Less than a month after seeing Jason and having had no communication with him, she decided to end her 14-year marriage to her husband–which readers knew was coming based on the publication's headline.

Readers flipped out when they reached the end of the article and discovered the title for Trensfield's memoir was an embarrassing plot twist for the ages.

Her book is called When a Soulmate Says No.

Apparently, her feelings for Jason were not mutual.

Twitter was in hysterics over the unhappy ending.

Some internet sleuthing revealed Trenfield's profession outside of writing.

The book's description reads:

"A fearless voyage of self-discovery fueled by stubbornness, tenacity, and an unquenchable thirst for answers to the great mysteries of the soul."
"Amanda shares the intimate details of her transformation from love-sick hot mess to self-actualized superstar with unapologetic vulnerability and effervescent humor."

Now that we know what happens, what more could follow?

Those who are intrigued enough would have to wait until June 7, when the book goes on sale, to find out.