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Guy With Wolverine-Like Claw Chases Down Black Lives Matter Protesters Before Trying To Run Them Over With His SUV

Guy With Wolverine-Like Claw Chases Down Black Lives Matter Protesters Before Trying To Run Them Over With His SUV
@NYScanner/Twitter; @aria.tsukino98/Instagram

As the protests in the wake of George Floyd's murder continue in cities across the country, it becomes increasingly clear that the characterization of them as "violent" applies much more strongly to armed counter-protestors than those demonstrating for an end to police brutality.

Case in point: a terrifying incident in Queens in which a man brandishes a bizarre weapon right out of a Wolverine movie and then drives his SUV directly through a group of peaceful Black Lives Matter demonstrators.

The incident occurred Tuesday in the Whitestone section of Queens, on an overpass above the Cross Island Expressway. A small contingent of young Black Lives Matter protestors were hanging signs on the chain-link fencing above the freeway when an elderly man bursts from his vehicle screaming at the kids about throwing something at his car.

Which is bizarre enough on its own, but then he wields some kind of glove-like weapon with two enormous knife blades attached while he chases the kids around the sidewalk, before driving up onto the sidewalk and plowing through them.

In one of three videos of the incident, the man is seen driving up onto the sidewalk, narrowly avoiding hitting about a half-dozen of the protestors who are screaming in terror.

A second video of the incident from another angle shows more detail of the weapon the man used to threaten the protestors.

Warning: This video contains coarse language and screaming.

A third angle on the incident shows just how close the man comes to making contact with some of the kids with his bizarre weapon as he chases them around the sidewalk screaming at them about throwing something at his car.

None of the videos provide proof that anything was thrown at his car—though it seems a trivial detail given he drove that vehicle onto a sidewalk to use as a battering ram and actively tried to kill them with that vehicle.

Thankfully, in this case the NYPD showed restraint and the protest—which the police department characterized as peaceful—ended without further incident, as confirmed in an emailed statement to The New York Post.

On Twitter, people were horrified by this bizarre and frightening clash.

Thankfully, there were no injuries, according to the NYPD.