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Minnesota State Police Prompt Outrage After Arresting CNN Reporter And Crew Covering Protests Live On Air

Civil unrest in Minneapolis following the killing of George Floyd has been met with a harsh police response.

A CNN camera crew, covering the riots live on the air, found this out first hand when Black reporter Omar Jimenez was arrested by Minnesota State Police during the broadcast for no apparent reason.

You can watch the entire clip here:

Meanwhile, CNN's White reporter on the ground was unchallenged by the police.

Jimenez's team was released from police custody two hours later with the state's governor, Democrat Tim Waltz, taking full responsibility for the incident.

The Minnesota State Patrol issued a statement via Twitter saying they had released Jimenez as soon as they verified his press credentials.

CNN was quick to dispute this claim—Jimenez offered his credentials live on the air, while people everywhere watched.

Twitter's blood was boiling over the overtly unjust arrest.

Clearly, the only thing on these officers' minds was sending a message, regardless of who was watching or whether Jimenez had done anything wrong.

Everyone who saw the clip, including celebrities, were outraged.

It seems the Minnesota State Police believe they can act with impunity and arrest whoever they want for no reason. This should frighten everyone who holds their freedom in high regard.