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Will Smith Hilariously Recreates That Bizarre A.I. Video Of Him Eating Spaghetti

Smith shared his own version of an A.I. video that made the rounds a year ago showing him gorging himself on spaghetti—and fans can't help but applaud.

Will Smith

On one hand, A.I. is making our world increasingly creepy and terrifying.

On the other hand, it's giving us hilariously weird stuff like that video last year of a deformed Will Smith eating spaghetti like a wildebeest.

Now, A.I. has given us an even bigger gift: Will Smith himself recreating the A.I. video of Will Smith eating spaghetti like a wildebeest, and it's everything you never knew you needed.

In case you missed it, the original clip first surfaced on Reddit last year and became something of an in-joke about how bad A.I. is at rendering fine details, especially human features.

The video is a perfect example. Smith's features are all cattywampus. He's wall-eyed and his head is kind of lumpy and at one point his mouth appears to be maybe bleeding? Or something?

And then there's the spaghetti he's eating, which seems at times to not so much go into his mouth but simply disappear just before arriving there.

Add in the real coup de grace of Smith eating said spaghetti like something akin to those feral zombies from The Walking Dead and—well, you have a video that is somehow both hilarious and nightmare fuel all at once, but definitely, recognizably fake.

AI Will Smith eating spaghetti pasta (AI footage and audio)

However that was then and this is now. A year later, OpenAI's new Sora video tool can create A.I.-generated video that is at times so realistic it's often impossible to tell it's fake unless you really, REALLY know what to look for... and even then...

Which is extremely terrifying! But you can't help but laugh at the absurdity.

And with A.I. already having been used extensively to create fraudulent ads with fake versions of celebrities, Smith is surely all too keenly aware of what this all means. Hence the caption: "This is getting out of hand."

And on Instagram, fans were loving Smith's hilarious take on the bizarre new world A.I. has wrought.










Rest assured, A.I. will one day kill us all but in the meantime at least it's inspiring celebs like Smith to make our world a lot funnier!