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People Break Down The Wildest Wikipedia Pages They've Ever Come Across

Reddit user lolmysterior asked: 'What's the wildest Wikipedia page that sounds too crazy to be true?'

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When people are in need of some instant information, there are few websites more convenient than Wikipedia.

Even if they can't be 100% certain of the popular, and free, online encyclopedia's accuracy can sometimes be debatable, as it is edited by volunteers from around the world.

As a result, just about anyone can put false information on a Wikipedia page, even if it will eventually be rectified.

Even so, when in need of a quick answer, it's hard not to turn first to Wikipedia.

And when you reach Wikipedia, finding yourself falling down a rabbit hole of pages can be hard to resist.

Resulting in your learning some truly bizarre pieces of information, which most shockingly, turns out to be true.

Redditor lolmysterior was eager to learn about the wildest Wikipedia pages people have stumbled accross, leading them to ask:

"What's the wildest Wikipedia page that sounds too crazy to be true?"

Life Apparently Is Like A Box Of Chocolates...

"A real life Forrest Gump."

"Made one clueless financial decision after another and kept getting richer."

"Was fooled into shipping 'coal to Newcastle' (where the saying came from) but made a serious profit because it arrived right before a miner's strike."

"Got tired of his wife and told people she died."

"When they visited and saw her walking around the house, he just said that was her ghost."- Agitated_Ad7576

An Outside Perspective?

"There's a wikipedia page on the human race."

"That's not weird."

"The weird part is that, per Wikipedia style guidelines, it's written in the third person, which, in context, makes the whole thing sound like it was written by aliens."- Notmiefault

Overdue For An Update

"The talk page for the article on Saladin has been a war between Arab, Turk, and Kurd nationalists arguing over his ethnicity since Wikipedia started."



"Still going on."

"The simple seven-word sentence that he was most likely Kurdish is backed by 5 whole citations just because the article for years was defined by flame and edit wars over the topic."- Lord0fHats

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Talk About A Grudge

"A pope had the corpse of his predecessor exhumed and put on trial."- ohdearitsrichardiii

Even Online Reference Guides Play Favorites

"The Wikipedia page on the Honda Ridgeline is surprisingly detailed compared to other comparable vehicles."- 95accord

...And How Do They Know This?

"The wikipedia page titled, 'Timeline of the Far Future', is kind of mind-blowing."

"It describes the year 10101056th:"

"'Around this vast timeframe, quantum tunnelling in any isolated patch of the universe could generate new inflationary events, resulting in new Big Bangs giving birth to new universes."- Some_Wastelander

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Even If Reading The Page Might Result In Your Loss Of Appetite...

"Tarrare, a Frenchman who would eat huge amounts of anything."- Zbignich

Anything But Thorough...

"The timeline of Irish inventions."

"There’s a 300-year gap between the invention of whiskey and the next listed invention."- GotPC

A King On So Many Levels...

"My favorite one is perhaps the one about Nils Olav."

"It's my favorite Wikipedia article ever."- HelpfulDeparture

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Read At Your Own Risk

"Wikipedia: Unusual articles is an absolute goldmine."- jhemsley99

And You Thought Planet Of The Apes Was Fiction...

"The Gombe Chimpanzee War."

"Pretty sure it's the only known war to be fought between non-humans."- jhemsley99

Repulsive Names, Delicious Taste!

"The names of traditional Scottish foods are wild."

"I was first introduced to this page by someone who was playing 'Scottish dish or STD?'"

"Cullen skink."


"Festy c*ck."- gambalore

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Add It To The List...

"I've always been a fan of [[List of lists of lists]]."- SchreiberBike

You Thought You Knew Everything...

"Operation Snow White, not because its Wikipedia is unusual or anything, but because THIS WHOLE THING EVEN F*CKING HAPPENED."- Its_N8_Again

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A modern sign that you have become famous is having your own Wikipedia page.

In most of these cases, it also appears that earning your own Wikipedia page could also make you infamous...