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Wikipedia Just Threw Major Shade At Elon Musk With An Update To Their Donation Message

The Twitter CEO's criticism of Wikipedia quickly became fodder for the site to rake in some donations.

Wikipedia logo; Elon Musk
Ali Balikci/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images; James Devaney/GC Images

On-his-terms free speech advocate and Twitter CEO Elon Musk went on another suspension spree last week, briefly suspending the accounts of several reporters who Musk claimed were violating Twitter's terms of service as well as an account that was tweeting information about his private jet.

Musk eventually reinstated the accounts of the journalists, but was unsure of how to proceed with the status of the private jet account.

In response to Musk's turbulent actions taken upon these accounts, a Wikipedia article chronicling the events was born.

The original title of the article "Thursday Night Massacre" was supposedly named so by the author because it "was trending on Twitter after the incident and was used by several journalists to describe the event afterwards."

Musk was not amused.

He tweeted:

"A two day suspension of maybe 7 accounts for doxxing got an actual Wikipedia page!?"
"Wikipedia is controlled by the MSM journalists."
"Can't trust that site anymore."

Wikimedia—the nonprofit organization that hosts Wikipedia—soon fired back, subtly taking a dig at the CEO by means of a message soliciting donations.

The message says:

"Please don't skip this 1 minute read."
"This Monday December 19th, we humbly ask for your support."
"We are the nonprofit that hosts Wikipedia and 12 other free knowledge projects."

The message continued with a snarky reference to Musk's Twitter takeover:

"Being a nonprofit means there is no danger that someone will buy Wikipedia and turn it into their personal playground."

Others on Twitter chimed in.

Musk did adhere to the people's vote and lifted the suspension.

Musk posted another poll yesterday.

We'll see if he sticks to this outcome, as well.