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'WiFi Karen' Threatens To Kill Her Neighbor's Dog If She Doesn't Get Their New Password In Unhinged Rant


Most of us have had a period of our lives at one time or another where we stole a neighbor's WiFi to save some money. As long as you don't drag the neighbor's speed down too much, it's a victimless crime, right?

Who among us?

But it seems like there's probably not many of us who would go over to our neighbor's house and threaten them and their dog if they dared to change the WiFi password. That's just taking entitlement too far, right?

Maybe, but that's exactly what went down for someone on TikTok whose neighbor turned into a so-called "WiFi Karen."

You can see part 1...

@content.hub Crazy neighbor is at my door because I changed the wifi password ##crazy ##publicfreakout ##neighbor ##wifi ##fyp
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...and part 2 here:

@content.hub Crazy neighbor is at my door because I changed the wifi password PART 2 ##crazy ##publicfreakout ##neighbor ##wifi ##fyp
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In Part 1 of the saga, "WiFi Karen" began by yelling wild legal claims through the front door, threatening both the person filming and their mother.

"I live here! It's illegal. Come outside, let's talk. Give me the f'king WiFi before you get arrested, and your mom."

It is, of course, not illegal to change a WiFi password.

But it is to threaten someone for doing so, which is probably why the person filming did not respond in any way, and just let "WiFi Karen" rant.

But that only made things worse. WiFi Karen became more agitated and visibly angrier at her neighbor's silence. And that's when things took a turn.

In Part 2 of the encounter, WiFi Karen upped the ante by threatening to kill her neighbor's dog.

After giving her neighbor "two seconds" to come outside and give her the new password, WiFi Karen used some very chilling charades to mime a slicing motion across her throat while pointing to the neighbor's dog.

"Dog. Doggie? Dead. You're not gonna f'k with me. Because when you're outside by yourself one day, you're gonna be f'ked."

When the threat of physical violence against the dog had no effect, WiFi Karen then switched to poisoning the dog, claiming it's not illegal because the dog is not a person.

Now, we're not lawyers here, but we're pretty sure that's not how the law works.

The video was also posted in the PublicFreakout subReddit, where people had plenty to say about the bizarre interaction.

"That dude better protect the dog. A crazy bitch like that has nothing to do with herself other than play out her threats." --noslenmac
"lots of free time with no wifi" --tinycomment
"Get a job and pay for your own WiFi c*nt" is what the person filming should have said" --TxSilent
"The thing is, if she said 'hey man, I have to work online and I don't have any WiFi right now, can I please use yours?' I'm sure he would've given it to them." --swimmernoah49
"I think I'd let her have the WiFi password but block her devices or limit her bandwidth so much that it made it impossible to use. Maybe even do some url filtering and dns modifications to point some sites her way... the possibilities are endless." --INeverPutMyRealName

And on TikTok, people had plenty of other ideas on how to handle WiFi Karen.






Let this be a lesson to us all—never give out your WiFi password!