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People Reveal The Strangest Thing Someone Did To Them On A First Date

Reddit user deviusink asked: 'What is the strangest thing a person has done to you on a first date?'

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It's not at all uncommon for a first date to also be a last date.

More often than not, the conversation doesn't flow as easily in person as it did when you were chatting on your apps.

Or sometimes, while you still find plenty to talk about, and seem to have a lot in common, that all-important "spark" just isn't there, precluding the chance of a second date.

This doesn't mean that simultaneous first and last dates aren't memorable.

Indeed, sometimes disastrous first dates are often far more memorable than first dates that lead to lasting relationships.

While sometimes, bizarre and unexpected behavior on a first date is enough to cement that you have just met the true love of your life.

Redditor deviusink was curious to hear about the strangest things people ever experienced while on a first date, leading them to ask:

"What is the strangest thing a person has done to you on a first date?"

If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say...

"Went to a bar, the conversation with him was a bit dull and just me constantly asking questions about himself or trying conversation starters, anything so that we weren’t two people sat in awkward silence."

"After a few drinks I needed to use the bathroom and when I came back he needed to as well, whilst he was in there the few people left in the bar (only about 5 people not including barman) told me that whilst I was in the loo he had been bragging to them about how he was going to sleep with me when we left the bar."

"Not sure what annoyed me more, the fact that I had spent most of the date trying to drag any conversation out of him yet when I wasn’t around he was a chatty bugger to complete strangers or the fact he assumed (wrongly) that after a dismal date I was going to sleep with him after our first meeting."

"Either way I was grateful for those strangers."- HallowQueen777

Some Things Do Come In Threes

"Well 1st one asked if I wanted to have a kid with him."

"2nd one cried bc he accidentally spilled his drink on me."

"And 3rd awkward time was when he brought a suitcase thinking he was going to stay the night at my house apparently."

"3 different people mind you, not all the same psychos."- Temporary_Toe1695

And They Say Size Doesn't Matter...

"Not what he DID but what he said."

"He went on and on for about 45 minutes about how one woman he dated had the biggest boobs he'd ever seen."

"He wouldn't stop!"

" That was a new one for me! In fairness to him, they WERE the biggest, LOL!"- WeasersMom14

At Least It Wasn't In The First Five Minutes?

"He emailed me later that night and said 'I love you'."

"An email."

"This was in 2014."- Rhiannon_Mac

Definitely Something Fishy Going On...

"This woman I dated very briefly cooked fish one day, then she put it in the freezer."

"I wasn't there when she did this."

"Her roommate was an experienced chef and warned me not to eat the fish because it's not supposed to be frozen twice."

"Not sure why."

"She didn't explain why."

"Sure enough my date pulled the cooked fish out of the freezer and reheated it for me. I didn't want to be rude, so I ate it."

"30 minutes later I was puking my guts out in her bathroom."

"It was a guest bathroom, so there was no toothpaste."

"So I cleaned my mouth with soap and water."

"I didn't have the heart to tell her what happened. "- EerieArizona


As If Dave And Busters Wasn't Enough Of A Red Flag...

"Went to Dave and Buster's."

"He walked around with his hand on the back of my neck the whole time and kept trying to push me into game booths to make out."

"I unfortunately allowed him to drive me, so when we got home, as I went to jump out of the car, he asked if I was going to invite him in, and I said no."

"He told me he didn't understand because anytime he was horny, the girl was horny too."

"I took this as my cue to run because he started to get loud absolutely."- jessugar

It's time To Move On, Buddy...

"Showed me multiple pictures of his ex asking if I thought she was pretty or cute."

"This guy was obsessed with his ex; to say the least."- Elleseebee928


"Committed a hit and run."- takescoffeeblack

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"Tried to kiss me and licked the back of my teeth."- Thumthumsinaction

Meeting The Family Is At Least A Third Date Milestone...

"Brought his mother because she was in town."- doihavetogiveash*t

Not Everyone Appreciates Hand-Me-Downs...

"Told me to wear this green dress he 'bought'."

"Turns out it was his ex-girlfriend’s dress."

"For reference, we look very similar."

"Also, his ex is dead."- Chiyugennn

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A Mere Pawn In A Bigger Game

"Grabbed me and made out with me while getting super handsy because her ex was there."

"Then she left, with said ex."

"I was used to make the dude jealous without my knowledge, and I guess it worked."- Reddit

No One Likes A Sore Loser

"We went to an arcade."

"He destroyed me on every game, except, surprisingly, one where you had to punch a bag."

"I did way better than him, and he was trying to hide that he was upset, haha."

"Never saw him again but that was mostly because he only asked me questions but never answered mine in the text conversations to follow."- NovelAd1041

Non-Refundable Transaction...

"Asked for the money back on his dinner 'investment'."

"The date didn't go too badly, but I wasn't feeling any potential romantic interest, and there were a few things about him that struck me as odd."

"After dinner, the bill came. I offered to pay half, but he just waved it away and insisted on paying it all."

"Walked me back to my car and tried to hold my hand, but I didn't let him."

"Thanked him for dinner and told him I had a nice time, but wasn't interested in pursuing anything more."

"Seemed to take it well."

"The next day he messaged me telling me I needed to send him a check for the he amount wasted on me at dinner because I apparently gave him false hope."

"What an a**hole."

"Not only is asking for a refund on a date just absurd, but the fact that he wanted me to mail him a f*cking check, which obviously has my full name, address, and banking info on it."

"Insta-block."- Farewellandadieu

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Sometimes, we find ourselves so eager to impress on first dates that we lose control of our resistance and do impulsive things that can easily turn people off.

Ruining our chances of ever seeing someone we were genuinely interested in ever again.

Do you have any similar experience? Let us know in the comments below.