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Apparently, The Way Americans Eat Popcorn Is Insane To The Rest Of The World

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Americans are notorious for eating things that the rest of the world find completely vile.

Foreigners have picked on our love for favorite pizza topping (pineapple), mom's comfort dish (meatloaf) and even our favorite ballgame snack, chicken wings.

But one of the most disturbing foods of choice in the eyes of non-Americans is every Americans' favorite movie theater treat.

No, not Junior Mints.


Popcorn itself is totally fine, but people can't get over why we like to put butter on our popcorn.


I love seasonings as much as the next person, but the different powdered flavor options at movie theaters are only there to scoff at.

I thought learning the precise techniques for using a straw to evenly distribute butter in a large tub of movie theater popcorn was just a rite of passage.

But it's just Americans who leave films licking their oily fingers long after their popcorn tub is empty?

Apparently so.

Don't believe me?

Check out these Tweets that detail people's disgust at our favorite popcorn topping.



Don't knock it 'til you've tried it.

And since the Indigenous people of the Americas introduced the world to the wonders or popcorn...

All y'all should be copying us.


To try American style theater popcorn, you can get a home machine here.

But if you want to go real old school and pop your corn right on the cob, you can get that here.

Melted butter optional.

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