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Wax Museum In Poland Goes Viral After Guy Shares Photos Of Their Hilariously Bad Sculptures

Seth Darby shared a thread of photos from his trip to the Polonia Wax Museum in Krakow, Polandβ€”and the wax figures are going viral for just how awful they are.

Queen Elizabeth II; Wax figure of Queen Elizabeth II
Oli Scarff/Getty Images

If you've never come face to face with a celebrity and taken pictures with them, you can experience the next best thing by going to wax museums.

Wax figure museums are the ultimate tourist traps that simultaneously delight and frighten visitors.

Artificial clones of high-profile individuals like Harry Styles, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, or Lady Gaga can await patrons in these attractions, ready to stare them down with their soulless eyes.

While wax figures have become synonymous with horror movie tropes, they're also subject to mockery by discerning visitors to popular tourist traps like Madame Tussauds or the Hollywood Wax Museum for their poorly sculpted figures.

One Central Europe wax museum in particular is going viral for housing figures that have zero resemblance to the famous individuals they're paying homage.

A patron named Seth Darby claimed:

"The Polonia Wax Museum in Krakov is a thing of beauty. The best Β£12.50 [$15.87 USD] ever spent."

And by "beauty," Darby meant the museum was truly a treasure trove featuring some amazing wax figure fails.

What follows is a thread of images Seth took inside that has now gone viral.

You'll see why.

Take a look at Her Majesty, all resurrected and windswept.

The Polonia Wax Museum's website's description reads:

"Famous politicians, clergy, athletes, actors, fictional characters."
"All wax figures are carefully made so as to reflect the smallest details and so that you can feel that they are really standing next to you."

...And sucking your soul.

We're just getting started on this grand tour.

Prince William just can't contain his glee while he and Catherine, Princess of Wales, greet fans.

Is accurately immortalizing Tom Cruise actually a Mission: Impossible?

Gravity was not kind to Marilyn here.

Michael's telling you to look in the mirror and change your ways, or else!

We didn't think Mick Jagger's success went straight to his head, but this disproportionate figure says otherwise.

We're "all shook up" that Elvis looks like he was created by using the Tom Cruise template.

Even Halloween's Michael Myers would run away in terror after encountering the former Pres.

Jack Sparrow was always up to no good.

We wish we could Expecto Patronum these bad Harry Potter moppets that are more like Children of the Damned.

Starting that supposed to be young Rupert Grint?

We think this is Emma Watson.

Wait, didn't we just see Emma?

Ohhh, the wig swap and addition of spectacles transform her to prepubescent Daniel Radcliffe...maybe.

Is the Rocket Man tickling the keys or embalming a cadaver?

Even Nancy Pelosi couldn't help but crash the party.

We now enter the villains' lair, where the most nefarious evildoers in history are brought back to life, starting with Osama Bin Laden.

Who invited Hitler?

Vladimir Putin is making himself at home behind bars...and bound in chains.

And perhaps the most terrifying figure of all is this replica of Mr. Bean.

Good thing he's not looking right into the camera lens and straight into your soul.

Past visitors shared their own memories.

The comment section continued being flooded with rich one-liners.

Thanks for the nightmare fuel, Seth.