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No, Walmart Is Not Selling A 'Twink-Flavored' Ice Cream For Pride—It Was Just A Clever Photoshop Job

No, Walmart Is Not Selling A 'Twink-Flavored' Ice Cream For Pride—It Was Just A Clever Photoshop Job

Just in time for Pride Month, Walmart is selling a special ice cream just for the gays!

And it's deliciously NSFW.

Just kidding, not really.

Walmart is selling an ice cream for LGBTQ+ Pride Month, but it's actually pretty tame.

But drag queen, RuPaul's Drag Race alum and Drag Race Canada host Brooke Lynn Hytes—Queen of the North—had the internet thinking Walmart was selling a very *ahem* adult, not to mention scatalogical version of the Pride ice cream with a very clever Photoshop.

People are applauding Hytes for cleverly satirizing Walmart's attempt at pandering to the LGBTQ+ community during Pride Month.

See Hytes' tweet below.

In Hytes' tweet, the ice cream's description reads:

"Twink flavored, fudge-packed ice cream with corn and peanuts."

Well, that is definitely an ice cream-based take on gay male life that many gay men would recognize, even if it's not exactly, you know... appetizing.

Thankfully, it's just a joke cooked—or shall we say scooped?—up by Hytes, a drag queen known for her sense of humor on the Canadian version of RuPaul's Drag Race.

Walmart's actual Pride-themed ice cream for its Great Value in-house discount brand was released a couple weeks ago, and is far more tame.

from walmart

Its description reads:

"White chocolate-flavored ice cream with brownies and cherries."

What any of that has to do with the LGBTQ+ community is anyone's guess, but it at least sounds delicious.

The Pride ice cream comes on the heels of the retailer releasing a red velvet-flavored Juneteenth-themed ice cream as well. Backlash quickly ensued.

Many people felt the ice cream flavor was pandering to the Black community instead of supporting Black-owned businesses—not to mention making light of Juneteenth's ties to slavery—and the retailer pulled the ice cream.

Walmart's Pride-themed ice cream—and corporate pandering to LGBTQ+ Pride in general—are inspiring similar eye-rolls from people who feel it is an empty and patronizing gesture, especially given the political climate surrounding LGBTQ+ issues right now.

In that context, Hytes' tweet seemed to many like the perfect satire of Walmart's trying-too-hard approach.

Many felt Walmart's Pride ice cream was nearly as ill-conceived as its Juneteenth flavor.

Especially in these times of all-out assault on LGBTQ+ rights, nothing says Pride like white chocolate ice cream.

Thanks Walmart!