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The Walking Dead has been on the air for nine long, bloody seasons, and every one of them says goodbye to as many characters as it introduces. This year, many will be heartbroken when a fan favorite human meets their final end.

*Warning: Walking Dead spoilers ahead!*

On Friday, February 8, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Danai Gurira, the actor who plays Michonne, will be departing sometime during the show's tenth season. This does not bode well at all for Michonne, who's been around since season three, since departure of an actor usually means a bloody farewell for their role.

Since Rick's death in season nine, Michonne, who's known for her calm demeanor and deadly katana, has taken over as the series' main protagonist. It's unclear whether the character will find any future after Gurira's departure from the show, though characters like Rick Grimes will be revived for a film series with actor Andrew Lincoln.

Michonne's absence will be the most recent in a series of differences between the events of the Walking Dead comic book series and its television counterpart. In the graphic novels, Michonne is still alive and well, leading the humans through thick and thin.

Though she's leaving her breakout role, Gurira is far from finished in Hollywood: her role as Okoye in Black Panther guarantees fans will get to see her again very soon in countless MCU adventures.

Twitter is sad to hear Michonne will be exiting the world of the way or another.

At the same time, however, they were excited to see where Gurira's career will take her!

Farewell, Michonne! Hopefully, you find your way to the same helicopter Rick made it out on instead of...well, the usual alternative.

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