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Videos Show Anguished Texas Shooting Onlookers Confronting Police For Not Charging Into School

Videos Show Anguished Texas Shooting Onlookers Confronting Police For Not Charging Into School

Every time there is a school shooting, Republicans make the same claim—the best solution is more "good guys with guns," such as armed security personnel in schools.

The aftermath of the Uvalde, Texas shooting—the deadliest in 10 years—is no exception.

But the difference this time is Robb Elementary in Uvalde did have "good guys with guns" on the scene—and viral video reveals many of the law enforcement officers who responded refrained from intervening for a shocking length of time.

Now questions are piling up for the various law enforcement agencies involved as viral videos like the one below show law enforcement officers using force to control terrorized bystanders and parents pleading with them to intervene.

WARNING: NSFW language

The viral clip comes from a longer Facebook Live video posted by Angel Ledezma, an uncle of a child inside Robb Elementary.

In it, Ledezma narrates the aggression toward parents and inaction on the part of law enforcement.

“There’s a fu*king shooting at the school and these fu*king cops are telling everybody to leave while everybody’s here to pick up their fu*king kids.
"They’re all just fu*king parked and outside. They need to go in there. The cops ain’t doing sh*t."

Details have emerged from the incident which show the shooter was able to remain inside Robb Elementary for over an hour.

In another incident captured in Ledezma's video, an officer was seen shoving and berating a desperate parent whose child was inside while others screamed at him to do something.

Ledezma can be heard telling the officer:

"You know that they are kids, right? They’re little kids. They don’t know how to defend themselves."
"They’re six-year-old kids in there. They don’t know how to defend themselves from a shooter."

Despite the video evidence, the Texas Department of Public Safety continued to assert a different version of events.

They say they went in immediately and quickly barricaded the gunman in a classroom as soon as they were able.

Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw confirmed 40 minutes to an hour elapsed before the gunman was subdued but was careful to clarify law enforcement engaged far sooner than that.

He told the assembled press:

“The bottom line is law enforcement was there. They did engage immediately. They did contain [the gunman] in the classroom.”

That account differs greatly from the videos as well as statements from law enforcement and the Border Control agents who eventually shot the gunman, one of whom said anonymously the gunman barricaded himself in the classroom and Border Control had to ask a school staff member to unlock it with a key.

A parent of one of the slain children summed up law enforcement's response as "unprepared"—so much so that he and other parents discussed storming into the school themselves because law enforcement seemed unwilling to do so.

At least one parent ended up doing so—after she was let out of the handcuffs law enforcement put her in for pleading with them to intervene.

She successfully found her children and removed them from the school.

On Twitter, people found the response and lack of transparency enraging.

An investigation into law enforcement's response in Uvalde was launched Thursday.