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Victoria Jackson Rages About 'Sodomy' In Unhinged Rant During TN Town's Pride Festival Debate

The 'SNL' alum also weighed in with a YouTube comment during a livestream as Franklin, Tennessee, voted on whether or not to grant funding for a Pride Festival this year.

Victoria Jackson
Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for the Inspirational Country Music Awards

Former Saturday Night Live actor Victoria Jackson sparked controversy after making a homophobic remark on social media.

In response to a debate about a Pride Festival in Franklin, Tennessee, Jackson advised supporters of the event to “move to San Fran if you want gay stuff," a knock on one of the country's most liberal and LGBTQ+-friendly cities.

This comment was made during a YouTube livestream while officials in Franklin voted on whether to grant funding for the Pride Festival. After a tie in the vote, Franklin’s Mayor approved the permit for the event.

Jackson's comment was screengrabbed and shared by the Twitter account for The Tennessee Holler, a popular progressive podcast.

You can see Jackson's post below.

Jackson also appeared at the town meeting to decry the Pride festivities, declaring "God hates sodomy," "homosexuality" and "Pride."

Video of her remarks was shared by Christian Nightmares, which showcases hateful rhetoric coming from Evangelical Christians.

Her remarks sparked immediate outrage online.

Jackson was widely criticized after news of her remarks went viral.

The festival will take place on June 3 at The Park at Harlinsdale Farm and is expected to attract around 5,000 people.

This year’s festival will not feature a drag show after opposition to the event expressed concern about the LGBTQ+ content being in a place where children could see it.

Organizers of the event chose to omit the drag show from this year’s festival in order to work with city leaders and ensure the permit was approved.

Opponents of the event argued they did not want their children to be exposed to drag shows and sexual performances in front of children, while supporters of the event argued it was family-friendly and people did not have to attend if they did not agree with it.

The festival is expected to be a significant event for the LGBTQ+ community and their allies.

Franklin leaders were also set to vote on a new community decency policy, which would ban an event for two years if there is indecent behavior in public, including nudity, lewd or sexually suggestive behavior, indecent exposure, sexual acts, excessive and offensive intimate public displays of affection.

However the vote was deferred to the next meeting.