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Vegan Family Sends Note To Neighbor Complaining About Meat Smells Making Them 'Feel Sick'

Kylie from Perth, Australia, shared images of two letters after her vegan neighbors smelled the meat coming from her kitchen and a backyard bbq.

Vegan Family Sends Note To Neighbor Complaining About Meat Smells Making Them 'Feel Sick'
Facebook/Hey Perth

A vegan resident in Australia raised a stink over her carnivorous neighbor's cooking and penned a letter in hopes of keeping the meaty fumes from her plant-eating fam.

The Hey Perth Facebook page obtained the following letters from a woman who wrote:

"Hello neighbour, could you please shut your side window when cooking please."
"My family are vegan (we eat only plant-based foods) and the smell of the meat you cook makes us feel sick and upset."
"We would appreciate your understanding. Thanks, Sarah, Wayne and kids."

Here is a screenshot of the letter.

Hey Perth/Facebook

Another message emphasized:

"Important message."

Hey Perth/Facebook

The note scrawled on the envelope read:

"Please take seriously."

Hey Perth/Facebook

Facebook followers were not terribly sympathetic to the vegan family's plight.

One commenter who thought the complaint was petty, responded:

"I bet her mouth starts watering when old mate mows his lawn and she gets a whiff of that deliciously fresh cut grass but!"

Another said:

"That’s it I’d be putting a leg of lamb on the Weber today they can smell it all day long."

One user joked:

"Set up a Meating."

And some snark for good measure.

A same reply is enough. Dear neighbour, please shut your windows when you cook veggies as I am carnivore (eat meat only) and the smell of the cooked veggies is offensive to me 😁😁.

The story made it over to Twitter via Daily Loud where replies were kinder.

Some felt it was a reasonable request.

Even Hannity ran with it, promising a segment on his show about this very important "news" story.

Which was met with mockery from Hannity's own fans.

So, what do you think, Team Vegan or Team Meat?