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New Vanity Fair Research Proves Why Napkin Users Are the Best Dates

New Vanity Fair Research Proves Why Napkin Users Are the Best Dates

According to a new research conducted by Georgia-Pacific's Vanity Fair brand of premium paper products and towels, a person who uses napkins are winning suitors.

The quantitative online survey compared different attitudes of napkin users with non-users and found those who used napkins correlated with courteous behavior and etiquette.

The study suggested that those who pay attention to detail are "significantly more likely than non-users" to be especially attentive with the person they're out on a date with.

Napkin users are also accommodating as people willing to make tiny sacrifices in their daily lives and have a personality that moms would approve.

The study found that napkin users are 70 percent more likely to watch bad TV with you, 54 percent more likely to get along with your mother and statistically less likely to have broken up with someone over DM.

The study results were compiled to launch a "Date A Napkin User" campaign to empower singles with tangible filters to find worthy dating candidates. The brand also teamed with online dating service, Match, to share research data on social media by using the hashtag: #DateaNapkinUser.

In addition to launching the online campaign during Valentine's week using OLV, OOH, display and social, Vanity Fair and Match will also host a dating event in Dallas, TX, which is notorious for being the worst city to find love. But the goal is to gather all singles in one place in the hopes of sparking some love connections.

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Brand-building leader Lloyd Lorenzson said, "We've always believed that napkin usage is indicative of a person's qualities and values."

Our study found that using a napkin says so much more about a person and how they will behave in their relationships with others. We're thrilled to partner with Match to release these finding and hopefully help more singles find a match.

To show how napkin users have likeable attributes over their non-user counterparts, Vanity Fair created an Infographic to compare the two camps of people.

For example, 34% of users will laugh at your puns, whereas non-users will correct how you pronounce "GIF." A user would also carry your bag that says #lifegoals, while non-users would be prone to pruning their toe nails on your bed.

Who's more preferable?(VanityFairNapkins)

The brand hopes to inspire singles to rethink the rules of dating by embracing the idiosyncrasies of different people.

At the end of the day, compatibility really boils down to finding someone who will carry your purse in public and won't judge your relationship with your cat.

This person naturally gravitates towards napkin users.

There are exceptions, of course.

Singles can find hope this Valentine's Day. So wipe that frown off your face, or, you could find someone to wipe it off for you.

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