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Woman Taps Into A Previously Unknown Reserve Of Love During A Tense Experience With Her New Pair Of Pet Freshwater Shrimp


It's time for a thrilling tale.

A tale of love. A tale of sadness. A tale of struggle.

A tale of shrimp.

@TheBugChicks had us sit down and get ready for their thrilling story.

Marty and Sal came from a local pet store, where our hero was buying specimens for her online workshops about arthropods.

And when it came time to change their water, the adventure really began.

And it was in this moment of not being able to see Marty the shrimp that our hero really had to make a choice.

Would Marty survive this moment?

With Marty flopping all over the place, it was then our hero realized...

...there was a canine danger lurking in the shadows.

But in the end, Marty was saved.

Our hero reflected a lot about love that day.

And the shrimp?

They're doing just fine.

This story is inspiring the masses.

Quarantine is teaching all of us a thing or two about ourselves. May we all find new ways to love the Sals and Martys in our lives.

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