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Tucker Carlson Claims Caring About Trans Rights Is 'An Issue For Rich People' In Bizarre Fox News Rant

Tucker Carlson Claims Caring About Trans Rights Is 'An Issue For Rich People' In Bizarre Fox News Rant
Fox News

Tucker Carlson makes many wild claims on his Fox News opinion show.

And being labeled an opinion show is how Fox News justifies his sharing of conspiracy theories and White House rhetoric with no factual basis.

But his latest claim that poor, working and middle class Americans are as transphobic as Carlson ruffled feathers online.

In a segment with guest Meghan Murphy, Carlson who grew up with the heir to the Swanson fortune as his step-mother claimed to know how the working class thinks and feels. And according to Carlson, if you don't have the kind of money he grew up with, you don't care about transgender people.

Carlson—who is reportedly paid $6 million a year by Fox in addition to his family's personal wealth—seated in front of a graphic titled "The Trans Debate" and with a chyron stating "Democrats push radical transgender agenda" said:

"Conversations like this gotta seem a little bit strange to you if you're—I don't know—a struggling blue collar worker—there are millions of them in this country—or a parent with an opioid addicted son—there are millions of those—or really any normal person."
"Can you win an election on this issue? What is this about?"

Carlson then added guest Meghan Murphy, a Canadian TERF who also speaks out about male feminists, sex workers and "3rd wave feminism."

View an excerpt of the segment here.

Murphy said:

"You wouldn't even need to speak to voters to assume that there are probably more important issues on the table than how somebody feels about their so-called gender. I mean, we're talking about a tiny, tiny, tiny minority of the population who identifies as transgender."
"And I think that people are probably worried about, you know, things like keeping their jobs, having housing, having health care, etc., etc. It's a really strange thing to focus on."

Carlson replied:

"But it does seem like a boutique issue of particular concern to people from certain zip codes, income levels, education levels. I mean, it's—it's kind of an issue for rich people, is it not?"


"I consider it a totally academic issue."




"So, you know, people who are in universities are privileged people in North America, people who—you know, who exist in academia are, of course, going to be mostly middle and upper-class people. These are—these are academic ideas."
"These are academic ideologies. This is about postmodernism. This whole concept of transgenderism and gender identity was really invented within academia—"




"—I believe that. This idea that it's possible to change your sex through self-declaration, that your sex and that, you know, material reality really is dependent on your own personal view and your own personal experience."
"I mean, nobody in the general population really believes these ideas. Nobody in the general population, you know, globally thinks that it's possible to change sex."
"We all know even—even the people who say that it is possible to change sex, I sort of am doubtful that they wholly believe that because I'm not really sure where the scientific evidence is that that's possible."

There's a lot to unpack here.

But let's start with Carlson's misguided perceptions of those who didn't grow up with the silver spoon he did.

All working class people can only care about themselves and can only focus on one thing at a time? All working class people have opioid addicted family members and that's their only concern?

Then Murphy and Carlson bring up "science" but neither has any knowledge or expertise in biology or medicine. So what science are they referring to? Is it Murphy's Masters degree in Women's Studies or Carlson's bachelor's degree in history that qualifies them as experts?

As a result of their having little expertise or idea what they were talking about, the segment was soundly mocked online.

View the full segment here.

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