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Awkward Photo Of Trump's Turkey Pardon Sparks A Hilarious Photoshop Battle—And We're Gobbling It Up

Awkward Photo Of Trump's Turkey Pardon Sparks A Hilarious Photoshop Battle—And We're Gobbling It Up
Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images

In the weirdest of years and weirdest of Novembers, it's perhaps comforting to see the yearly Presidential "Turkey Pardoning" tradition go off as scheduled, just like in more normal times.

Especially because this year, it turned into an epic Photoshop battle with hilarious results--including several images that made President Trump look like a total turkey (sorry).

As usual, it all started in Reddit's photoshopbattles subReddit, and our intrepid Redditors did not hold back on the hilarity.

The photo the Redditors used as a template is hilarious enough in and of itself.

In the image, Trump is shown seemingly screaming while hovering his hand over the head of the turkey in question, whose name is Corn, as if giving some kind of deranged benediction.

Fertile ground for absurdity, to be sure. And boy did the Redditors deliver.

Naturally, given the 2020 of it all, the pandemic loomed large in these photoshops, like this one, of Corn wearing a mask (while the President, as usual, does not).

Turning poor Corn into various Trump confidantes was a popular theme, as well, from morphing him into Mitch McConnell... swapping him with Mike Pence and his pet fly.

But in perhaps a quintessential symbol of the absurdity of Trump himself, it was simply the President's screaming face—not Corn—that provided the most Photoshop inspiration.

To wit:

...the President in Edvard Munch's "The Scream."

...Trump screaming in pain in a pivotal Star Wars scene.

...Trump exorcising Corn from demonic possession.

...Trump screaming his way through a rap battle with Eminem, of course.

But by far, Reddit's favorite Photoshop seemed to be the simplest.

A faceswap between Corn and Trump that will haunt all of our nightmares for the rest of our lives.

And Redditors simply could not stop laughing.

"Lmfao the tiny turkey combover" --literatelush
"This. Is. Incredible." --Trash_Pandamonium
"In Soviet America Turkey pardons you" --Jeevess83
"Gives me Jeff Goldblum 'The Fly' vibes... creepy yet entertaining. Thanks!" --bart9611
"I don't get it - what was changed?" --pyromythical
"That edit is perfect and you need to share it with the world" --Legendofstuff
"It's so cursed, I love it." --YellowMeatJacket
"So simple, yet so great" --NyxMortuus
"This is what I came to see. Glad I'm not disappointed." --ambermage
"Fantastic, didn't realize until I saw this my life long goal was seeing Trump with a Turkey head." --IAmNotExperienced

Trump with a turkey beak just might be the Thanksgiving blessing we all needed.