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Pro-Trump Troll Allegedly Raked In Thousands In Donations For Nonexistent 'Gay Voices For Trump' Group


On Wednesday, 21-year-old Josh Hall —a food-delivery driver from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania—was revealed to be the face behind a number of fake Twitter accounts in which he posed as political leaders as well as members of President Donald Trump's family.

He even duped the President himself when he made a fake account posing as Trump's sister, Elizabeth Trump Grau, and the POTUS retweeted a post from that fake account.

However, things seem to have gone beyond just some fake accounts.

Hall utilized these accounts to boost a GoFundMe campaign called "Gay Voices for Trump" that raised thousands of dollars for an organization that did not exist.

The fake crowdfunding description read:

"Too often, the voices of LGBT conservatives are not heard and we are not given a seat at the table… that is what we're going to change with this organisation."

"I will be using my platform to amplify and elevate the voices and stories of LGBT conservatives."

"All donations will go toward field organising, events and merchandise. The goal is to make Gay Voices For Trump a nationwide movement."

"Any and all donations we receive are greatly appreciated and will go a long way to help our organisation as well as the re-election of president Trump. Have a great day."

Hall admitted no such group ever existed. And while Hall claims that GoFundMe is still holding the money, a GoFundMe spokesperson said money raised was already given to the organizer, Hall himself.

Some felt Josh Hall was simply following the example the President has set.

Others were surprised people fell for it.

Many also wondered if Josh Hall could be prosecuted for fraud.

GoFundMe is investigating the situation and offering donors refunds.