At the Santa Monica pier in California, a group of protesters gathered to speak out against President Trump.

But when the protesters encountered a group of Trump supporters, "everything went to crap" according to Sgt. D. Hicks of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

Before long, one Trump supporter, identified as 32-year-old David Nicholas Dempsey, unloaded a can of bear repellant into the crowd of protesters.

Bystanders captured several different angles of the incident on video, which went viral online.

Trump Supporter In MAGA Hat Carries Out Vicious Pepper Spray Attack During Peaceful Liberal Protest youtu.be

Bystanders apprehended Dempsey and brought him to a police station which was, fortunately, mere feet away.

There, he was arrested on "suspicion of illegal use of tear gas, assault with a caustic chemical and parole violations."

The crowd can be heard cheering as he is cuffed.

Dempsey tells the police that he was"attacked" by "libtards" and "flag-burning commies."

He is now being held without bail and is scheduled to appear before a judge on Tuesday, October 22.

Thankfully, no one was seriously injured by Dempsey's attacked, though five people were treated for exposure to the spray, which often contains "hot-pepper aerosol."

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