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Trump's Spiritual Adviser Says Trump Once Wanted To Build Her A Glass Megachurch, But 'God Had Other Plans'

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images // MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

Since before the announcement of her White House appointment, Trump's spiritual adviser Paula White-Cain had President Donald Trump's attention.

She once bragged that her proximity to Trump and presence at the White House made it "holy ground," and that saying no to Trump is the equivalent of saying no to God.

In a recent appearance on Fox & Friends, White-Cain recounted an offer Trump once gave her that shed some insight on why she's one of his most ardent supporters.

White-Cain revealed in the interview that, after reading a Newsweek article about the Crystal Cathedral, Trump contacted White-Cain in 2006, offering to build a similar church for her.

According to White-Cain:

"He is such a great builder. He sent the article to me and he said, 'Let's do this before we both get too old'."

She went on to say that something else was in the cards.

"I think God maybe had other plans. We need him as President. He is fearless, he is fighting for this country."


People were skeptical that a Trump-built glass cathedral would bring good to the world.

Others invoked a common phrase regarding glass houses...



The glass cathedral may have been scrapped, but it looks like Paula White-Cain will have no problem treating the White House as a bully pulpit on behalf of a President Trump.

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