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Trump Slammed After Disparaging Nancy Pelosi's Looks With Sexist Dig On Twitter

Trump Slammed After Disparaging Nancy Pelosi's Looks With Sexist Dig On Twitter
Scott Olson/Getty Images, Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Following the news that Donald Trump and his staff likely hosted an unmasked "super spreader" event in the White House Rose Garden, many, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, criticized the President for his disregard for basic safety protocols.

Responding on Twitter to one of Pelosi's remarks from last week, the President decided to address her claims of recklessness with a sexist dig at her appearance.

Trump was likely also referencing a trip Nancy Pelosi took to a California salon in September, where security footage showed she was not wearing a mask.

Despite no major complications arising from the visit, conservative media seized upon the incident as an example of hypocrisy that undercut Democrats' calls for mask mandates.

Most reasonable people would probably agree, however, that visiting a salon without a mask and hosting a large-scale, maskless event for many of the nation's most powerful politicians are two very different scenarios.

Either way, the President should never be stooping so low as to insult a female Congresswoman's appearance.

There were many online who wondered whether the President's current course of medication may be influencing his tweets.

Most Americans are far more worried about the effect the pandemic has had on the state of our nation, but the President spends his time tweeting petty insults.

The President shouldn't be pointing any fingers when it comes to safety or beauty.

President Trump is rapidly approaching the November elections and, in the eyes of many online, it is already too late for him to prove he cares about the safety and wellbeing of the average American.