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Trump Gets Roasted Hard After His Latest Schedule Sounds Like Something From A Children's Book

Trump Gets Roasted Hard After His Latest Schedule Sounds Like Something From A Children's Book
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He's embroiled in scandal following his phone call with Georgia election officials. Georgia voters delivered a second repudiation of his agenda.

And several of his own allies are signaling they will no longer help him try to overturn Joe Biden's presidential victory.

So you might think Donald Trump is having one of the busiest periods of his life, right?

But a recent page from his schedule posted on Twitter shows the opposite—a seemingly empty day, spun to make it sound busy in the kind of wording that reminds you of a children's book.

And Twitter is absolutely roasting him for it.

Posted by BBC News journalist Jon Sopel and many other journalists this week, the page from Trump's schedule reads:

"President Trump will work from early in the morning until late in the evening. He will make many calls and have many meetings."

Sounds like a page of a creative writing assignment an elementary school kid would bring home to hang on the refrigerator, but okay, Mr. President.

Many on Twitter also pointed out that the schedule has a certain dictator-esque propaganda ring to it.

It's not difficult to imagine this verbiage coming from a place like North Korea that is notorious for this kind of weirdly simplistic, content-free, "just take our word for it, this guy is magnificent!" boilerplate.

For others, the schedule smacked of The Simpsons' Ralph Wiggum, the dopey space cadet classmate of Bart Simpson famous for his simplistic declarative sentences.

Even wilder is the fact this exact same content-free schedule has been issued several times in recent weeks—and Trump wrote it himself, as only he can, according to CNN White House correspondent Kaitlin Collins.

She described it thusly:

"His daily schedules have evolved into self-parody, with no events listed and only a brief blurb -- dictated personally by the President, according to one person familiar with the matter -- detailing his activities."

The entire SNL writers' room would be hard-pressed to come up with a more absurd story.

Twitter simply couldn't get enough.

According to the White House Press Office, the President's schedule has not changed since Monday.

Today's agenda features the exact-same verbiage, with an addendum that he will be attending a rally in DC in advance of Congress' meeting to certify the November election results.