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Music Video Parody Epically Skewers Trump With Pandemic-Themed Spoof Of R.E.M.'s 'Losing My Religion'

Music Video Parody Epically Skewers Trump With Pandemic-Themed Spoof Of R.E.M.'s 'Losing My Religion'
Politics Joe / YouTube Screenshot

President Donald Trump isn't exactly the most inspirational or noteworthy speaker.

In fact, his speeches are widely considered to be among the least well-received of any President.

That doesn't mean his words can't bring us joy, though. All they need is a little bit of shuffling and some musical accompaniment—things that British media company Politics Joe is here to deliver with this new parody video.

The song opens with the lines:

"That's me and corona. That's me in the spotlight abusing my position."

And yeah it pretty much keeps punching at 45 from there.

Politics Joe isn't known for playing softball with their pieces and this one is no different. In the video, Trump's speeches are spliced together to create lyrics that are awful... but not exactly out of character.

The visual gags are equally insulting. The company took some of Trump's many "unique" facial expressions and edited them onto R.E.M. lead vocalist Michael Stipe's body as he danced about.

The video is a minute and a half of DJT meets R.E.M. meets OMG, NO.

Donald Trump x REM - Losing My

When we say Twitter loved it, we mean they looooooved it.

All caps. Underlined. In bold. Maybe italicized.

The thing about loving this sort of parody, though, is that it makes you acutely aware of just how much stuff is actually going way wrong right now.

So yes, people loved it, but the discomfort and concern are still so real.

In a way, this parody is extra fitting when you consider how much the members of R.E.M. vocally and viscerally despise Donald Trump. Members have called him a fraud, a con-man and an "Adderal-deranged idiot" among some other colorful descriptors.

Meanwhile, Trump and his team insist on continuing to use the band's music at his rallies even though they have denied him permission, publically asked him to stop and spoken out against both his policies and the man himself.

We know R.E.M. isn't a big fan of 45 being involved with their music, but we have a sneaking suspicion they'll let this slide.

In Time: The Best Of R.E.M. 1988-2003 is available here.