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Structure Holding Up Massive American Flag Collapses At North Carolina Rally As Trump Speaks


A mere two days before the 2020 elections, President Trump's rally in Hickory, North Carolina, was marred by strong winds which knocked over one of two scissor lifts holding up a giant American flag.

The incident luckily harmed only the nearby airport building, though many took note of the Trump campaign's failure to plan for the potential danger.

On Twitter, an American flag falling due to the dangerous collapse of machinery seemed like an almost too-apt metaphor for President Trump's time in office.

Earlier that day, in Iowa, Democratic candidate Joe Biden was experiencing another strange circumstance people saw as symbolic: a pair of bald eagles flying overhead as he gave a speech.

With almost no time to go before his potential reelection, the flag falling incident was not a good look for the President.

Many online used the situation to make a point about President Trump's fitness for office.

Anyone who knows anything about scissor lifts would have thought twice before draping a flag off of them on a windy day.

Will the collapsing flag at Trump's rally be a prescient sign of Tuesday's election results?

Only time will tell, though many are hoping that is the case.