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Trump Shrugs Off Twitter Ban Because His Press Releases Are 'Much More Elegant' Anyway

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

During a recent interview on right-wing network Newscast, former President Donald Trump told host Greg Kelly that he doesn't mind being banned from Twitter.

After all, said Trump, his press releases are "much more elegant" than any tweet.

Trump said to Kelly:

"Frankly, they're more elegant than tweeting, as the expression goes. They're really much more elegant. And the word is getting out."
"... It's probably a better form, and everyone's waiting for it. For me it works, for other people it wouldn't work because a press release doesn't mean that much, but when I put out a press release, you see what happens. Everyone's waiting."

Trump also noted that tweeting sometimes "gets [him] into trouble," saying:

"You're retweeting people, and you find out that the retweets were not so good, because the person ... that you're retweeting is not the best. It gets you in a little difficulty every once in a while. I like this better than Twitter. Actually, they did us a favor."

Trump was removed from almost all social media following tweets that incited a violent insurrection against the government.

Many on Twitter dreaded the idea of a Trump social media network.

There were also people online who questioned the "elegance" of Trump's press releases.

Former President Trump claims he doesn't mind being off Twitter, and Twitter users don't seem to mind his absence. His ban appears to be a win-win situation!