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Trump Tried To Mock Nancy Pelosi For Having A 'Nervous Fit', And She Turned It Right Back Around In His Face

Trump Tried To Mock Nancy Pelosi For Having A 'Nervous Fit', And She Turned It Right Back Around In His Face
Paul Morigi/Getty Images // CNN

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made waves Thursday morning when she rebuked a reporter for asking if she hated President Donald Trump.

Pelosi told the journalist in no uncertain terms that she didn't hate anyone and that her efforts to bring articles of impeachment against the President on the House floor was upholding the oath she took to protect the Constitution.

She even stressed that she frequently prays for the President.

Trump later tweeted that Pelosi had a "nervous fit" and that he didn't believe she actually prayed for him.

That night, while answering questions at a televised CNN town hall, Pelosi addressed her reaction to the President's characterization of the rebuke, when moderator Jake Tapper asked for her response.

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Nancy Pelosi responds to Trump calling her 'nervous'

Pelosi's answer gave more insight into Trump's habit of insulting his rivals:

"The president is a master at projecting. When he calls somebody else nervous, he's the nervous one. When he suspects that somebody's not praying, he's probably not praying."
She then pushed back against Trump's claim that she doesn't pray for him by elaborating on what she prays for him to achieve:
"But I do pray for him because he is the President of the United States, and I pray that God will open his heart to meeting the needs of people in our country...whether it's our DREAMers, whether it's children at the border. 'Please, God, open his heart to receive the goodness that it would take to share with these people.' Also, I pray for his health and for his safety and for his family. It doesn't bother me what he thinks about that. All the more reason to pray for him."
Twitter at least agreed with Pelosi's view that the President's criticisms were projecting.

Considering his tendency to project, it's no surprise that Trump accuses so many others of lying.