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Trump Dragged For Telling Black Reporter He Looks Like Michael Bloomberg During Press Briefing

Fox News, EVA MARIE UZCATEGUI/Getty Images

During a recent press briefing, President Donald Trump had many people scratching their heads. The POTUS repeatedly said he thought Black reporter Mario Parker looked like businessman and politician Michael Bloomberg.

Parker, a muscular-looking Black man, bears absolutely no resemblance to billionaire former Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, who's famously short (5'8") and also happens to be White.

Many people online have theories as to what, if anything, Trump was trying to say.

Regardless, the moment was bizarre to say the least.

The exchange was even stranger when written down.

Many online suspected the President was literally losing his grasp on reality.

It's definitely hard to imagine any world where a sane person sincerely believes Parker and Bloomberg look similar.

Others believed the more likely explanation.

President Trump was making some sort of joke tinged with racism. Who the butt of the joke was isn't exactly clear, but Trump's insistence on repeating his "laugh line" seemed to suggest he was proud of the idea.

Perhaps he was even trying to satirize "political correctness" by showing how strange the concept of "color blindness" is?

Some people suspect Trump was simply trying to derail Parker's question.

Fortunately, Parker pressed forward and the moment quickly faded, so we'll never know exactly what the President's intention was.

President Trump claims to have passed his cognitive acuity test, but behavior like this makes many people wonder if he somehow cheated.