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Trump Campaign Ripped After Debuting It's New 'Keep America Great'-Themed Face Masks

On Thursday, May 7, President Trump's campaign manager, Brad Parscale, unveiled the White House's newest money-making scheme:

Trump/Pence branded face masks.

Despite neither man wearing face masks in visits to hospitals or mask making factories, the Trump campaign thought it was a good look.

They also come in blue.

Twitter had a hard time accepting that this was part of real life.

Imagine if any other President, after downplaying the threat of the pandemic for months—even calling it a hoax repeatedly—then tried to make money by selling PPE with their name on it.

Many thought this crossed a line legally as well as morally.

Trump has begun selling these masks while also refusing to wear one himself during public appearances.

Meanwhile, the number of Americans dying of the virus has continued to soar.

If you're looking for a mask to protect yourself from the virus, you can probably do better than paying extra for one that supports the campaign of the duo that fumbled the response to the global pandemic.

This shirt is available here.