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Trump Defended Ivanka's Use Of A Personal Email Address In The Most Trump Way Possible 😒

Trump Defended Ivanka's Use Of A Personal Email Address In The Most Trump Way Possible  😒
Photo by Kris Connor-Getty Images

Deflect, deflect, deflect seems to be the order of the day. When President Donald Trump downplayed his daughter Ivanka Trump's use of a private email account to do government business. Why does this sound so familiar? Oh yeah.

Donald Trump reverted to a couple of old standbys for deflecting and twisting a controversy surrounding his administration, drop Hillary Clinton's name numerous times and claim "fake news." There. Problem solved.

This time it is his daughter and senior adviser, Ivanka who is under investigation for violating federal law by using a personal email account to send government documents. Just before leaving for vacation, Trump came out and gave an incredibly weak excuse as to why his daughter's use of a private email server and Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server are so completely different.

He managed to keep a straight face as he told the press:

"She wasn't doing anything to hide her emails." There was no deleting like Hillary Clinton did. There was no server in the basement like Hillary Clinton had. You were talking about a whole different, you're talking about fake news."

See, it's totally different, because Hillary and fake news.

Just another day in Trump's White House.

How many times can you fit Hillary into a sentence?

We'll just leave this here.

Perhaps Ivanka Trump didn't know the rules.

Seriously, we'll just leave this here.

There is no making sense of the hypocrisy.

We'll wait for the reaction to this email.

Who will Trump supports want to lock up now?

H/T: The Hill, Washington Post