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Trump Claims That He'd Love To Delete His Twitter Account—And Twitter Has Never Been More Supportive

Pool/Getty Images

While signing an executive order aimed at reducing the legal protections of social media companies like Twitter, the President claimed he'd like nothing more than to leave the platform entirely.

Social media users everywhere immediately called the President's buff.

Trump made the move to attack Twitter's autonomy after last week, for the first time, the platform added a fact-check link to his baseless conspiracy theories regarding mail-in ballots.

Americans, however, are fully aware of Donald Trump's relationship with Twitter and kind of doubt he actually wants to go.

Many people begged the President to just leave if that's what he really wants.

Twitter would become a much happier place without Donald Trump.

Many users offered simple step-by-step instructions to deactivate one's Twitter account, just in case the President was serious.

Trump's attacks on Twitter will likely continue, especially after the social media giant's choice on Friday, May 29, to hide one of Trump's tweets which promoted violence.

To the betting man, however, it seems pretty obvious that Trump has no plans to leave Twitter anytime soon.

President Trump, if you really want to leave Twitter, PLEASE do it for the good of the nation.