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Ohio State Lawmaker Wants Trump Sent To The Hague For Crimes Against Humanity For Pushing Untested Drug As Cure For Virus

Ohio State Lawmaker Wants Trump Sent To The Hague For Crimes Against Humanity For Pushing Untested Drug As Cure For Virus
Tavia Galonski/Facebook; Win McNamee/Getty Images

President Donald Trump has received plenty of criticism regarding his administration's response to the global pandemic.

While many of the complaints center on the denials and delays and charges that the President and his staff didn't do enough, others complain that Trump personally did too much.

What constitutes too much?

Practicing medicine without a license is the claim being made regarding Trump's repeated recommendations for people to use an untested, unproven drug therapy to combat the pathogen plaguing the world right now. And with recent revelations that Trump has personal ties to potential profits from that drug, people are even more perturbed.

By Sunday, one Democratic state legislator had enough.

Ohio Representative Tavia Galonski of Akron decided the President's potentially deadly uninformed advice to boost sales on a drug that he and a top donor would see profits from constituted a crime against humanity. A lawyer and former magistrate, Galonski concurred with a suggestion that Trump's actions deserved an "invitation to The Hague."

Here's that original suggestion:

The Hague is the site of the International Criminal Court (ICC). War criminals have been tried at The Hague under charges of crimes against humanity.

On Sunday night, after Trump's latest press briefing, Representative Galonski shared the Twitter post and captioned it:

"I can't take it anymore. I've been to The Hague. I'm making a referral for crimes against humanity tomorrow. Today's press conference was the last straw. I know the need for a prosecution referral when I see one."

The United States is not one of the 123 nations that signed on to the ICC so jurisdiction is likely an issue, but people were still in favor of the suggestion.

On Monday, Galonski told WKYC 3 News:

"I shouldn't have gotten so angry, but seeing him stand there [during the briefing] saying these things…it's going to get people killed."
"We've had 3.5 years of this loose cannon sort of leadership, my tweet was probably more of a release valve. It's just wrong for the president to treat people like we're guinea pigs."

But Galonski reaffirmed her commitment to seeking legal recourse over Trump's inaccurate, dangerous and self-profiting medical advice.

Others concurred with her on Trump's crimes against humanity.

According to the Ohio Capital Journal, the Ohio Department of Health director Dr. Amy Acton pleaded with Ohioans not to seek out Trump's drug of choice unless they had a legitimate medical need for it. The Ohio Board of Pharmacy enacted an emergency rule limiting access to hydroxychloroquine after residents began stockpiling it because of the President's endorsement.

While speaking to WSYX/WTTE ABC News 6ABC News 6 Galonski said:

"He's going to get some people killed."
"People in my district, they're really wondering how they're going to pay the bills, how they're going to make their rent and how are they going to meet their daily needs."

"He's confusing people. He's making them more fearful. He isn't helping and shouldn't somebody look at what he's doing and stop it."

When WSYX/WTTE consulted infectious disease specialist Dr. Joseph Gastaldo of OhioHealth, he stated no one who does not have COVID-19 should take the drug nor should anyone who is not hospitalized or who has only mild symptoms. Dr. Gastaldo stated the drug should only be used as a last resort for the seriously ill while under the care of a physician in a hospital.

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