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Trump Is Getting Dragged After Complaining About Tractors Not Being Able To Hook Up To The Internet During Bizarre Rally Speech

@ericbmontgomery/Twitter, @atrupar/Twitter

Forget autonomous cars; if your tractor isn't hooked up to the internet, you'll be left in the dust as the future plows ahead without you.


So are we.

Not long after former vice president Joe Biden's appearance in Iowa on Tuesday, Donald Trump rambled an absurd fact about rural broadband while speaking to farmers at a rally.

We have become numb to Trump's routine bizarre comments, but this one is really giving cancer-causing windmills and "covfefe" a run for their money.

The liar-in-chief openly wondered why tractors cannot connect to the internet while boasting about his government investing in rural broadband.

"We've secured nearly 1.2 billion dollars to expand rural broadband, which you need very badly. You need very badly," he repeated, like terrible lyrics to a B-side single.

"They have not treated the mid-west well with broadband, with anything to do with the word computer."

Vox journalist Aaron Rupar shared the bizarre video clip of Trump's speech from a series of his play-by-play head-scratching highlights in a thread he started, with:

"Trump is in Iowa completely making stuff up to demean Joe Biden."

Trump continued with a bizarre observation.

"I look at some of the tractors and they don't even hook up.
They're all set, but you don't have the capability in terms of your infrastructure."

Meanwhile, the people at Fox Business Channel quickly tried to save face by cutting away from Trump.


Even one of Trump's favorite networks detected the crazy and quickly abandoned its live coverage to save Trump from further embarrassment.

Twitter humored Trump by supporting his weird tractor/internet theory.

About the Midwest being treated badly with "anything to do with the word computer" statement...

There are no words left to say, except: