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Trump-Backed GOP Candidate Claims God Thinks It's 'Cute' When She Speaks In Tongues

Trump-Backed GOP Candidate Claims God Thinks It's 'Cute' When She Speaks In Tongues
Kelly Tshibaka / Facebook

A Republican candidate for the United States Senate is running to unseat Senator for Alaska, Lisa Murkowski. Kelly Tshibaka is a former commissioner for the state, with the backing of former Trump allies and claims speaking in tongues helps her with her "high-powered brain."

Tshibaka claims to be running to represent the people of Alaska, even if it's against another member of her own party.

But some are taking issue with a claim from one of her religious beliefs.

Alaska U.S. Senate Candidate Kelly Tshibaka Talking in

In the video above, The Alaska Landmine uncovered audio of Tshibaka talking with her congregation about how she thinks God views her speaking in tongues. Tongues is a religious practice where the speaker starts making random sounds, which is believed to be a language unknown to the speaker.

In the clip above, Tshibaka compared the practice with how she could understand her toddler when no one else could, and said:

"That's when I realized God loves it when I try to talk in my spirit language. He thinks it's so cute that the only person in the world who can understand me is him."

She continues, explaining how the practice calms her overactive mind.

"When I'm praying in tongues, my brain oftentimes is active. That's just because I've got this high-powered brain that never stops and drives me crazy, and so what I'll often do is I will send it on another assignment."

The claims confused many online.

The practice of speaking in tongues is controversial in some Christian sects. While some believe it to be a genuine form of prayer, others see it as little more than nonsense.

Tshibaka is running against incumbent Murkowski due to the latter's perceived betrayal of Donald Trump. Murkowski has been a moderate voice of the Republican party and vocal critic of former President Trump.

The betrayal in Tshibaka's eyes was that Murkowski was one of the few republican senators who voted to convict Trump when he was impeached over the January 6th riot at the Capitol.

In her announcement video, Tshibaka said:

"We know what Washington, DC thinks about Alaska: We're here for their benefit; we're not going to put up much of a fight. After about 20 years in DC, Lisa Murkowski thinks the same way."

However, despite going against the very vocal supporters of Trump, Murkowski looks set to benefit from a non-partisan primary system, with ranked choice voting in the general election.

This would mean Murkowski, as the moderate option, could receive support from liberals more easily than someone with such an extreme viewpoint.

Last month, Trump threatened the seat of Murkowski for being "a disloyal and very bad senator." Trump and the GOP plan to use the far right backlash to Murkowski's choices to try and push Tshibaka as a legitimate candidate.

Despite this, Murkowski has already received backing from Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell and fellow Alaskan Senator Dan Sullivan.