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Trump Supporters Now Think That Biden Got His Debate Answers By Wearing A High-Tech Contact Lens

Scott Olson/Getty Images

No political event in the United States would be complete without the far-right passing around unhinged conspiracy theories online.

The first Presidential debate on Tuesday, September 29, was no exception. As the debate got closer and closer, conservatives on Twitter began spreading the completely unfounded rumor that Joe Biden was going to wear a special earpiece to feed him answer.

Even stranger, after the debate had finished, they began to claim that Joe Biden was wearing a high-tech contact lens that let him somehow cheat through the event.


Twitter, meanwhile, was busy debunking the conspiracy theory about Biden wearing an earpiece.

Of course, many conservatives were too far gone to see the truth.

Replay: The first 2020 presidential debate on CNN

Thankfully, many people stepped in to on social media to share some common sense.

The wild, unfounded theories even generated their fair share of snark.

Before long, even Joe Biden himself was in on the joke!

As much as conservatives might want to believe Joe Biden has some sort of high-tech help, in the eyes of many Americans, Biden doesn't have to cheat to make President Trump seem out of control.