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Trump Dragged After Ranting That Biden Wants US To Reach Net-Zero Carbon Emissions By '2:30'


President Donald Trump toured an oil rig in Midland, Texas, before making a speech to energy executives on Wednesday, July 29.

Unfortunately for the President, a Trumpian gaffe from his remarks will likely be the only thing remembered from the visit.

During his address, the President attacked Democrats, saying former Vice President Joe Biden had a plan to make the U.S. carbon neutral by "2:30."

Trump most likely meant the year 2030, but Twitter couldn't help but mock the President's continued inability to keep his foot out of his mouth.

All the President had to do was read the year 2030 off a teleprompter, but that turned out to be too much for Trump.

Even giving Trump the benefit of the doubt and assuming he meant 2030, many online felt his underlying point was also harmful.

So when exactly is the United States going to go carbon neutral?

Twitter users also felt they should point out that carbon neutrality is not only good for the environment, but for the economy as well.

Many people WISHED we could be carbon neutral by 2:30. Alas, it was just another alternative fact from the POTUS.