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Trump Is Getting Roasted Hard After Reports That He's Trying To Get An Airport Named After Him

Trump Is Getting Roasted Hard After Reports That He's Trying To Get An Airport Named After Him
SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

Imagine flying into or out of Donald Trump International Airport. The only food available is Trump Steaks.

All surfaces are painted a sickly orange. Every runway is painted with a Trump Organization logo large enough that it shows from the air.

This nightmare scenario may seem implausible, but if the President has his way it will be a reality (the airport part, at least, if not the steaks and paint jobs).

Trump has reportedly inquired as to how a former President can get an airport named after him.

And Twitter, naturally, is roasting him to a crisp for it, starting with Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar.

Sources inside the Trump Administration told The Daily Beast Trump has mentioned the idea of having an airport named after him several times since 2018, including in recent weeks.

According to the sources, Trump recently asked what kind of "paperwork" is involved in getting a namesake airport, and remarked that "no president" wants an airport with bad infrastructure or a negative reputation named after him.

Airports have also been something of a fixation of his Twitter presence over the years. In 2015, while campaigning, Trump tweeted that he is the "only one" who can repair America's infrastructure, airports included.

A year earlier, he tweeted about New York's notoriously beleaguered LaGuardia Airport needing his "magic touch."

Sources also told The Daily Beast Trump has said he hopes there would be an organized effort to name an airport after him similar to the one that resulted in one of the Washington, D.C. area's airports being named Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

President Reagan's name was added to the airport's previous moniker—simply Washington National Airport—in 1998 by Congress and President Bill Clinton to honor of the 40th president's 87th birthday.

But given Trump's reputation and the likelihood he will face extensive legal repercussions after leaving office, the notion of a Donald J. Trump International Airport struck many as absurd.

And the Twitter roasting came in extra hot.

According to sources, an airport-naming is just one of the things on Trump's mind as he contemplates his life after the Presidency.

He's also mentioned having a battleship named after him, is considering rebooting his TV series The Apprentice, and is said to be consumed with thinking of ways to upstage and undermine Joe Biden.