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Trump Spiritual Adviser's Bizarre Election Sermon Calling On 'Angels' Gets Hilariously Remixed By Twitter

Trump Spiritual Adviser's Bizarre Election Sermon Calling On 'Angels' Gets Hilariously Remixed By Twitter

As agonizing as this drawn-out, Groundhog Day-style Election Day has been, you have to admit: The social media content it has inspired has been fire.

And after Trump's "spiritual adviser" Paula White's unhinged sermon calling on angels to intervene on the President's behalf, the internet did some of its best work ever--remixes of her bizarre prayers

It all began after video clips of White's bonkers sermon hit Twitter.

In it, White spoke in tongues and summoned angels from Africa and South America--continents home to several nations Trump called "shi*hole countries"--to intervene on Trump's behalf.

In other parts of the sermon, White railed against "demonic confederacies" at "high levels" that voted for Biden and are supposedly trying to steal the election from Trump, and called upon people from other countries to come to the United States and stop the counting of the votes.

How they would do so was unclear (perhaps God hasn't revealed it to her yet), but legally that would constitute an invasion, so it's probably not a great idea. It would also, of course, result in Biden winning the presidency since he's well ahead of Trump in the vote counts right now. But you know how it is when you're panicked, you don't always consider the details!

In any case, the strange pronouncements and weirdly hypnotic repetitions from White's sermons raised many eyebrows on the internet. You have to admit, her yelling "Strike and strike and strike and strike" does have a certain rhythm to it! And Twitter folks definitely took notice--and couldn't stop laughing.

And soon, White's weird incantations were turned into howlingly hilarious remixes with everything from classic song memes, to Eminem beats and EDM jams.

No word on whether God sent those angels from Africa, and so far the "demonic confederacies" counting the votes seem to be tallying a Biden win. But at least Pastor Paula has enough hot jams to last her through the entirety of a Biden Administration!