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Semi-Truck Seemingly Carrying Dildos And Lube Overturns On Interstate—And Here Come The Jokes

Semi-Truck Seemingly Carrying Dildos And Lube Overturns On Interstate—And Here Come The Jokes

A semi-trailer that flipped over on its side was the catalyst for a traffic jam on Interstate 40 near Mustang Road in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

But footage of the accident—that thankfully didn't report any major injuries—went viral because of a NSFW element in the news story.

The truck apparently carried a huge shipment of pleasure toys–including dildos and lubricant–all of which wound up strewn across the highway for all to see.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol told KWTV's News 9 the rollover crash happened on Wednesday morning and they anticipated the southbound ramp to the John Kilpatrick Turnpike to remain closed for several hours.

The contents believed to be sex related merchandise didn't register with the local station's morning anchor Lacey Lowery and helicopter pilot Jim Gardner, who was hovering above the scene.

However, their live reporting of the incident seemed built-in with humorous references.

Gardner was heard telling Lowery the semi had overturned and "lost its load" and noted there was "a lot of stuff to clean up."

You can watch the news report, here.

An awkward pause followed when Lowery asked what was all over the road.

Gardner told her they were zooming in on the boxes.

Vice News reported some appeared to match the packaging for the Adam & Eve brand G-Spot Touch Finger Vibe. Other items were tentatively identified as lube, vibrators and dildos.

You can see a comparison here:

News 9; Kinky Vibes/YouTube; Adam & Eve

Gardner concluded:

“Whatever it is, it’s gonna take a while to clean up."

While there was no initial confirmation the spilled contents were sex aides, the internet ran with it anyway.

The accident did draw some major concerns.

When inquiring minds wanted to know if the damaged goods would be sold at a discount after the accident, a Twitter user claiming to work in warehousing and transportation said "Sex toys and lube are held to the same sanitary standards as food" and can't be legally resold.